Tesoro Has Business, Town Government and Community Leadership Experience to Bring Positive Changes to Trumbull

Contact: Gail Ritaccio


First Selectman Candidate Vicki Tesoro Has Business, Town Government and Community Leadership Experience to Bring Positive Changes to Trumbull
Former Republicans, Unaffiliated Voters, and Democrats on Tesoro Ticket

Trumbull, Connecticut (October 27, 2017): On Tuesday, November 7th, Trumbull will be electing its First Selectman, Town Treasurer, Town Clerk and 32 other public servant positions throughout the town government. Vicki Tesoro is leading the Democratic slate, on Row A, as their candidate for First Selectman.

Vicki said, “I am proud to stand with the Former Republicans, unaffiliated voters, and Democratic Trumbullites who have stepped forward to work together, with me, to make Trumbull stronger. I have the business, town government and community leadership experience to bring needed positive changes.” She continued, “This election is about restoring transparency to Trumbull government and leaving partisan fighting behind.”

The incumbent candidate for Treasurer, and former State Senator Anthony Musto stated, “Vicki is honest and diligent. On the Board of Finance and as the Minority Leader on the Town Council, she showed fiscal restraint and intelligence. She understands that the residents of Trumbull demand and deserve to have their taxes spent appropriately and with proper oversight.”

Vicki’s biography includes that she has served Trumbull for over 20 years as a community volunteer and in town government. She and her husband raised their daughters here over the past 26 years while she was a working mom. It notes that she is an income tax professional, with a master’s degree in tax.

As Trumbull First Selectman, Tesoro’s plan for Trumbull includes:

  • Fixing the town budget by eliminating unnecessary executive positions, cutting bloated legal and consulting fees, and repealing the excessive salary increase (20%) for elected officials.
    • Vicki fought to reduce the present First Selectman’s budget by $2 million.
  • Making schools stronger by expanding language, STEM, and coding offerings; strengthening curriculum and professional development; and implementing a long-term infrastructure improvement plan.
    • Vicki has experience examining Board of Education budgets and has the strong working relationships with the administrators, teachers and the parent community needed to be successful and move our system forward.
  • Improving services for seniors and strengthening the property tax relief programs for them.
    • Vicki is a longtime advocate for senior tax relief and will ensure that our current programs both remain in place and are strengthened by giving relief to our most needy seniors. She will fight for the repeal of the 3% interest rate on the senior tax deferral program imposed by the current administration.
  • Rescinding the $1 million garbage tax. The Republicans added $1 million to the town budget and decided that the money should come from garbage transfer station fees. Those fees would be charged to the trash haulers, who would then increase residents’ fees for trash pickup.
    • Vicki is neither interested in having residents pay for services that should already be covered by their town taxes nor artificially lowering taxes by increasing fees or using financial gimmicks.
  • Revitalizing and reviving Trumbull’s retail and corporate parks.
    • Vicki will work with the landlords and the Planning and zoning Commission to make the changes needed to inspire investment consistent with our Plan of Conservation and Development.
  • Holding future referendums: The people of Trumbull, not town officials, will decide:
    • If the town should return to 7 voting districts from the current Republican-supported 4.
    • If the town can afford, and needs, a newly constructed Community/Senior Center and all the added costs its’ development will entail.

Vicki said, “Our town offers a great quality of life and a respected eduction system, I insist that we continue to support these to grow our property values. We do not need to spend more, we need to spend smarter.”

For more information on Vicki Tesoro’s positions on issues of importance to the town of Trumbull, and to learn about all the Trumbull Democratic candidates, please visit VickiforTrumbull.com

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