Issue: Economic Development



Preamble: Trumbull Democrats believe the long term health of our community requires us to encourage economic development and growth. Fostering this growth in a way that maintains our town character and quality of life, as set forth in our plan of conservation and development, is of the upmost importance. We need to ensure not only the right mix of development types, but the right placement as well.

Our Plan: Vicki Tesoro and the Team Tesoro will focus on increasing our town’s commercial tax base, supporting small businesses and amenities, and preserving Trumbull for the future. A Tesoro administration will:

  • Expand the Grand List by refocusing our development efforts on bringing large and small business tenants to vacant properties. Vacancies have given us a great opportunity to bring new employers to our town corporate parks, giving employees a strong reason to live in Trumbull. Filling the corporate parks will expand our tax base without disrupting our neighborhoods.
  • Focus on the redevelopment of Trumbull Center.
  • Encourage new commercial development in its designated current location and support expanding commercial zones only where they will not negatively affect neighborhoods.
  • Ensure new development will adhere to the 2014 Plan of Conservation and Development, including mixed-use development and maintaining residential areas.
  • Not sell useful town property without a comprehensive and public assessment of municipal land and its uses.
  • Work hard to ensure that Trumbull maintains all of its rights to oppose contractors who abuse or override our local rules regarding the state’s affordable housing statute.
  • Increase the height limitations on buildings in the office parks – signaling to larger tenants who need more space that Trumbull is indeed “open for business”.
  • Lead the way in preserving our town’s character by rigorously reviewing development of any kind that displaces single-family homes or disrupts neighborhoods.
  • Ensure that any development is done the right way and with the right contractors who respect the character of our community.
  • Reinstitute the Land Acquisition Committee who will recommend to the town the purchase of large parcels of property so that we can control our own destiny and not be at the mercy of developers.

Team Tesoro recognizes Trumbull’s potential and it’s past. We will not sacrifice one for the other. Working together, we can have the development we need to grow and minimize tax increases, while maintaining those things that make Trumbull a great place in which to live, work and raise a family.

Vote for Vicki Tesoro for First Selectman.
Vote for Team Tesoro.

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