Issue: Good Government

More Inclusive, Transparent Government

Preamble: It is the position of Team Tesoro that balance in government is in the best interests of all Trumbull citizens. Team Tesoro believes that informed and engaged citizens make our town stronger. Team Tesoro knows that well-prepared elected officials make better decisions. Team Tesoro insists that all government action be transparent so that our citizens will have confidence in their government.

To that end our platform is as follows:

1. Majority limitation should be a hallmark of our government. All points of view must be represented, therefore we support a return to 7 equally  balanced voting districts. Majority limitation, balanced representation and more polling places are in the best interest of Trumbull. Voting should be easier, not harder.

2. We support the citizens who tirelessly collected signatures to put the question of 7 equally-balanced districts versus 4 unbalanced districts on
the ballot. That Initiative question must be on the ballot this November. The Charter must be followed, and the people of Trumbull should decide
this question.

3. We support a referendum on the Community Center on the ballot, this November. We believe the current Senior/Community Center plan is
wrong. It is the wrong time, the wrong location and the wrong design. Not one more penny of taxpayer funds should be spent on this project.
If this administration will not put a stop to this project, the referendum should be on the ballot in November, as called for in the Charter.

4. Term limits for all elected and appointed officials.

5. Park stickers should be sent to taxpayers with their tax bills. This is a more efficient process which will alleviate residents having to appear in person at the Recreation Department or having to pay an additional fee to have a sticker mailed to them.

6. The Town of Trumbull will create a “Town of Trumbull app” for smartphones and make it available to all residents free of charge. This will keep residents informed, allow for town meetings to be live streamed, and allow for residents to interact virtually with Town departments.

7. Convene a Charter Revision Commission and revise the Charter to return the Board of Education to a six member panel with staggered four-year terms and with no party holding more than 3 seats. Time to get politics out of education.

8. The Charter should also be revised so that the Town Council be prohibited from taking a vote on a matter the same day a public hearing is held on that matter.

9. The Charter should also be revised to require that legal services not associated with the appointment of Town Attorneys must be selected after competitive bid.

10. The Charter should also be revised so that no vote may be taken until all materials related to that vote have been given to all members of any board, commission or Town Council at least 7 calendar days prior to a vote being taken.

11. The Charter should also be revised so that the Board of Finance shall have three alternates, One Democrat, One Republican, and One Unaffiliated voter, approved by the Town Council.

12. The First Selectman and the Town Council should strive to ensure that appointments to all boards and commissions have a balance of Republican, Democratic and Unaffiliated voters.

13. Any resignation or vacancy on any Board or Commission must be noticed to both town committees and posted conspicuously on the town website within one business day of the resignation.

14. The Charter should be revised so that No First Selectman or any other elected or appointed official may make any employment contract of any
kind that extends beyond the length of term remaining on the First Selectman’s term of office.

15. The Charter should be revised to clarify the determination of the “cost” of a project for referendum purposes. All costs, including, but not limited to, ancillary costs, land acquisition costs, costs associated with municipal improvements, construction costs and the like must be included in the calculation.

We believe these action will make our government more transparent, more balanced and most important, more responsive to our citizens.


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