Issue: Youth Programs

Trumbull Youth Programs Platform 

Preamble: Twenty-five percent of Trumbull residents are under 18-years-of-age. First Selectman candidate Vicki Tesoro believes the town must not only provide a high-quality education for our youth, but also activities and recreational opportunities that enable them to develop and showcase their talents and interests. Research shows that youth who engage in and feel valued by their community perform better in school and are less likely to engage in risky or illegal behaviors.

Our plan: Team Tesoro believes that we have a responsibility to engage and support all of our residents, including our youngest. Vicki Tesoro has been a champion for our youth for two decades, and will continue to do so when elected as First Selectman. Team Tesoro will:

  • Consult with our teens to gather their input and engage them in the planning and implementation of constructive and positive activities in town.
  • Reinstate the Youth Commission and include teen representation.
  • Add youth appointments to town commissions and committees, where appropriate, to allow for their input and perspectives.
  • Ensure that the Recreation Department has the support to provide our youth with activities and events that interest and engage them, such as outdoor movie nights, dances, battles of the bands, and sports tournaments
  • Work with our youth to revisit and revitalize the Teen Center at Indian Ledge to make it a desirable venue.
  • Restore the Trumbull Youth Association (TYA), which provides youth theatre and the arts, to an independent line item in the budget. These programs must be treated as opportunities for valuable education and enriching experiences for the whole community.
  • Develop a job/community service referral program to provide youth with volunteer opportunities to help private residents and the town.

Team Tesoro believes our youth must be given the opportunity to contribute to Trumbull.  Vicki Tesoro will engage our youth; listen and act on their input and ideas. As First Selectman, Vicki Tesoro will be a champion for our youngest residents, so that they can grow and thrive in our community.

Vote for Vicki Tesoro for First Selectman. 

Vote for Team Tesoro.

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