Transcript of Vicki for Trumbull’s Phone Call

The following is the transcript of a robocall made by Vicki Tesoro on Thursday, October 26, 2017.

Hi, this is Vicki Tesoro, and I’m running for First Selectman.

You may have received a call from our outgoing first selectman, He said, and I quote, “On October 17, Democratic First Selectman candidate Vicki Tesoro publicly stated that if elected she will eliminate the leaf pick-up program in our Town.” That is absolutely false.

I have a plan for keeping taxes stable while addressing the potential 2.8 million dollar shortfall left behind by the outgoing administration. It begins with repealing the salary ordinance that gives elected officials increases of up to twenty per cent. After that we will cut wasteful spending on items like take home cars, attorney fees and consultants. Finally we will look at all our programs to see if they are being run in the most efficient manner possible. That is what a leader should do.

We don’t have to spend more. We have to spend smarter. If you agree vote for me and my team on Row A on November 7th.

Have a good evening!

Paid for by Vicki for Trumbull, Dawn Cantafio, Treasurer. I am Vicki Tesoro and I approve this message.